Australian Temporary Tattoos

NO Airbrush Tattoos-Wow how do you do that?

Get the exact look of Airbrush Temporary Tattoos without the need for any electricity, gun, compressor or gas...

...with our Dab Dab Tatts® Ink Tattoo System giving you "Airbrush Look-A-Like" Tattoos

Use our Ink System with any Reusable Airbrush Stencils

Stencil Dab Dab Tattoos

Dab Dab Look A Like Airbrush Tattoo System

Thanks to Stephen Nicholls for the above photo. Here you see the Black Additions/Kanji were completed wth our Dab Dab Tatts® System

Get the exact look of Airbrush Temporary Tattoos without the need for any electricity, gun, compressor or gas. You can now create Black and Coloured Temporary Tattoos, with as many colours as you can imagine, in only seconds requiring no special skill and is idea for Fetes, Festivals, Hairdressing, Body Tanning, Nail Art salons, Airbrush Studios and All Fundraising and School programmes.

Now here is a product for Business/Hobby/Fund Raiser that is easy, fast, low cost and extremely high returns


Australian Temporary Tattoos


Even if you have your own Airbrush Set up, buy our Dab Dab Tatts™ Black and Coloured Inks as an ADD ON to make extra CASH for your Business. Make up to 10 times your money with our Dab Dab Tatts® Products. You can also buy our Airbrush Inks below

.....Create Tattoos for Festivals, Events, Hairdressing, Beauty, Nail and Tanning Salons. So Easy, Effective and Looks Fabulous

1. Take our Sponge and 2 . Apply Amazing Raymond® Mellick special triple construction Black Ink by Dabbing into the Stencil 3 . Remove Stencil and Powder Back. Charge up to $5.00 per each Tattoo. Our Dab Dab Ink is your BACK UP Rescue Remedy in case you get a clogged gun, have No Electricity at the Gig or even worst-end up with a Windy Day at the outdoor event

Time taken to create Dab Dab Tatts™ Temporary Tattoos is approx 15-20 seconds. The finished results look like the tattoos have been Airbrushed. Our Stencils are Sticky Back to "hold down" well on skin. Buy our Stencil Re Stick Ink to apply to Stencils that have Lost their Stick or for Stencils that have NO STICK AT ALL. Now your stencils will last almost "FOREVER"


Airbrush Tattoos vs Dab Dab Tatts®
Airbrush Tattoos
Dab Dab Tatts®
* Airbrush guns/equip cost $1000 plus
* No extra equipment to buy
* Airbrush guns constantly clog up
* No guns to clog up
* Airbrush tattoos cannot be applied in the wind
* Can be applied in any weather
* Airbrush tattoos have overspray
* Absolutely no overspray
* More equipment to be carried around
* Your whole office in your shoulder bag

* Airbrush requires power

* No power required


Dab Dab Tatts TM

HOW TO: Check out all the steps for Dab Dab Tatts® or see video below

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

No Airbrush Kit 1 above

No Airbrush Kit 1

Each Stencil Image Area is approx 50x70mm

All 100 Reusuable Stencils in Kit 1 ($79.99) above will give 100's of applications including 1x50ml-Enough Amazing Raymond® Dab Dab Black Ink to Create approx 450 Tattoos ($54.99) inc Dab Dab 12 sponges, swabs, powder to set tattoos ($10.00), 1x15ml Stencil Re Stick Ink ($18.00), Promotional material and Full Instructions

Don't forget to buy Coloured Dab Dab Tatts® Inks below.

Cost per Tattoo is approx 28 cents each-Sell for $5.00 each




Temporary Stencil Tattoos3

No Airbrush KIT 3 Starter and Play Kit above

No Airbrush Kit 4 Starter Kit

All 116 Reusuable Stencils Kit 3 Stencils Only. Please Buy your extra inks below

$79.99 Buy



2. Dab Dab Tatt® Inks-Must Have

a. Black Dab Dab Tatt® Ink

Dab Dab Tatts® Black 1 Bottle

Buy 1x50ml-Enough Amazing Raymond® Dab Dab Black Ink to Create approx 450 Tattoos inc Dab Dab 12 sponges, swabs, powder to set tattoos, promotional material and Full Instructions

Each Tatt costs approx $0.14 cents each

$54.99 Buy
Dab Dab Tatts® Black 2 Bottles

Buy 2x50ml-Enough Amazing Raymond® Dab Dab Black Ink to Create approx 900 Tattoos inc Dab Dab 24 sponges, swabs, powder to set tattoos, promotional material and Full Instructions.

$104.99 Buy


b. Coloured Dab Dab Tatts® Inks

Mixed coloured Dab Dab Tatts® Inks on a Glass dish, then apply the new colour/s with sponge

Dab Dab Tatts™ Coloured Inks
50ml Approx 450 applications
$17.99 Buy
$54.99 Buy
$17.99 Buy
$54.99 Buy
$17.99 Buy
$54.99 Buy
$17.99 Buy
$54.99 Buy
$17.99 Buy
$54.99 Buy
Special Ink Deal. Save on all Five Coloured Inks
$79.99 Buy
$241.99 Buy


Extra Sponges

12 Extra Dab Dab Sponges
Set of 12 Exclusive Dab Dab Sponges
$4.90 Buy
24 Extra Dab Dab Sponges
Set of 24 Exclusive Dab Dab Sponges
$8.80 Buy


Setting Talc

Setting Powder for Dab Dab Tatts®
$3.99 Buy


3. Stencil Re Stick Ink.

Stencil RE Stick Ink

A must have product for Reusable Stencils or Stencils without any Stick

50ml Bottle-Approx 300-400 Applications Slide over the back of your stencils when the "stick" is worn off. Restick Stencils onto the skin for many more applications.

5ml $10.00ea Buy

15ml $18.00 ea Buy

50ml $35.00 ea Buy


4. Glitter Inks.

Alcohol based will last for up to one week

Take your brush and gently paint over the Black Dab Dab Tatts™ Design for Amazing FX

A 50ml Bottle will give you approx 500 applications

Glitter Inks
5ml $10.00
15ml $18.00
50ml $35.00
Gold Glitter
Pink Glitter



From: Cooktown District Community Centre Inc.

Phone: (07) 4069 6098

Hello Raymond,

Thank you for getting our order back to us so quickly and including everything we needed to operate a very successful dab dab tattoo stall at the Cooktown Discovery Weekend festival.

There were actually 3 temporary tattoo stalls at the event, the other two using the spray gun and compressor technique. (which needs a power source to operate- not good for the environment ) and we observed the difficulty the operators of these machine were having trying to apply their product in the windy conditions.

Our stall was manned and operated by young people in the 13-18 age brackets and every dab dab tattoo they applied came out perfectly. Our customers were also very happy as we could charge less for our tatts as we didn't need to purchase the expensive equipment to apply them.

We will be having another dab dab tattoo stall this weekend at the wobble splash dash event being held here in Cooktown. I will get some photos of the kids operating the stall and some of the work they are doing and email to you for use on your website.

Thank you once again

Karen Whipper

Youth worker Cooktown district Community Centre

Airbrush Inks for Airbrush Body Art

Airbrush Coloured Inks if you don't want to use our Dab Dab Tatts® Inks 50ml Approx 200 small tattoo applications
$19.99 Buy
$19.99 Buy
$19.99 Buy
$19.99 Buy
$19.99 Buy
$19.99 Buy
Original Blue/Black
$19.99 Buy


Our Inks Dry in approx 4 seconds, are waterproof, will last on the skin up to one week, and are blended with rich FDA Pigments in an oil/alcohol base at perfect consistency and deliver Rich concentrated pigments.

 Temporary Tattoos, Australian Temporary Tattoos,

Australian Temporary Tattoos


Dab Dab Tatts TMDab Dab Tatts TMDab Dab Tatts TM


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